Your gcloud command-line questions answered in printable cheat sheet

If you have a Google Cloud environment, you’ve probably spent some time with the gcloud command-line tool, the primary command-line tool for creating and managing Google Cloud resources. But with over 2,000 commands, it can be a little overwhelming to get started with its multitude of flags, filters, and formats. 

Fear not for the gcloud command-line tool cheat sheet is now here to help guide the way! It’s a handy tool to stow in your proverbial knapsack or actual back pocket as you start out with the Cloud SDK, helping you recognize command patterns and find useful gcloud commands, to get you on your way. The gcloud command-line tool cheat sheet is available as a one-page sheet, an online resource, and quite fittingly, a command itself, gcloud cheat-sheet.

We’ve organized the gcloud command-line tool cheat sheet around common command invocations (like creating a Compute Engine virtual machine instance), essential workflows (such as authorization and setting properties for your configuration), and core tool capabilities (like filtering and sorting output). This list of useful commands, all neatly packed into a single double-sided page, is ready to be downloaded and printed. As a bonus, the cheat sheet also includes a quick rundown of how gcloud commands are structured, enabling you to easily discover commands beyond the confines of this pithy list.

Whether you’re new to the gcloud command-line tool and need a good starting point, or are a seasoned user and need a map to situate yourself, the gcloud command-line tool cheat sheet is a nifty companion as you traverse the expansive landscape of Google Cloud. You can access the cheat sheet online, or download the printable PDF. Or if you’ve already got the latest version of Cloud SDK installed, give the cheat sheet a whirl right now with gcloud cheat-sheet. We hope you find it to be a useful resource!


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