Turning events into action

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Attending an event is a great way to further your specialist knowledge, gather new insights, and get a fresh perspective on your industry (while taking a welcome break from the office). But have you ever considered using the day as an opportunity to meet and recruit new customers?

The people you meet at an event have the potential to become some of the most valuable on your roster. After all you have a built-in conversation starter. Whether it’s the subject matter of the day, the venue, or even the quality of the coffee at the refreshments table, you don’t have to lead in with a cold open but instead begin to create a real connection.

Chances are if they’re attending the same event as you, the person you’re speaking to already has a baseline subject knowledge of your industry. So, you can skip the explanations and get straight to the nitty gritty.

This all sounds great, but sometimes making the leap from polite small talk to conversion is easier said than done. That’s why Google has put together a helpful video and infographic to help you utilize an event as a tool for customer recruitment. This covers everything from preparing for the event itself, how to network on the day, right through to carrying out successful follow-up afterwards. You’ll never attend an event the same way again.

Check out our infographic and video to discover more top tips on winning leads from events.

Download the infographic here

Check out the video below:

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