New solution gallery helps you customize and extend G Suite apps

Imagine how much more you could accomplish throughout your day if you could automate monotonous workflows. With G Suite, you can. Today, we’re introducing a new resource to help you envision how to solve common business problems: the G Suite Solutions Gallery.


This gallery features real-life examples of custom business workflows that you can build on G Suite, like automatically populating expense reports with a simple script. It includes guidance for G Suite developer tools, and even includes full code samples so you can start building your own today.

Each solution comes with complete demo instructions for examples covering a range of integration types, like using Add-ons to extend your favorite G Suite apps like Gmail, Google Docs or Sheets, creating container-bound scripts, building chatbots and more. 

Use the G Suite Solutions Gallery and developer tools to solve common business problems such as:

If you have a solution idea, please send us your suggestions. You can also browse the full source code of all the solutions on Github. Check back in as the gallery grows to see more solutions built on top of your favorite G Suite products.

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