Announcing the Google Maps Platform On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution

In 2018 we launched an initial ridesharing solution for in-app navigation to help companies around the world integrate Google Maps into their apps for reliable, real-time routing. Ride-hailing has grown significantly since then, and despite some challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift in transportation appears to be here to stay. At the same time, on-demand deliveries have grown exponentially since the pandemic began–going from a convenience, to a necessity for many consumers. We’ve worked closely with the largest operators in the space to identify new ways to address the rapidly evolving needs of on-demand rides and deliveries companies. 

Starting today, we’re announcing a new limited availability On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution. Building on 15 years of experience mapping the world, the On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution helps businesses improve operations as well as transform the driver and customer journey from booking to arrival or delivery–all with predictable pricing per completed trip. Let’s take a look at how the solution and its new capabilities improve every step of a trip. 

Give customers the info they need for booking and ordering 

The experience begins when the customer opens the app to request a ride or order a delivery. This is a critical moment for a customer–if they don’t have the info they need, there’s a good chance they won’t complete the booking or the order. Real time information is critical. Routes Preferred, builds on our existing Routes APIs to show a driver’s ETA, expected route, and estimated trip prices on a familiar Google map. With Routes Preferred, you have access to key features like two-wheeler routing and customized routes that enable you to optimize for the shortest or fastest path, or lowest cost of tolls. Routes Preferred also delivers lower latency and increased reliability that enable time-sensitive ETA and pricing estimations.

Optimize marketplace operations 

Dispatching the right driver or courier is integral to a positive customer experience. With Nearby Drivers, you’re able to easily find the right driver or courier for a trip, which results in faster pickups, more accurate ETAs, and fewer cancelled rides. Nearby Drivers works seamlessly with enhanced In-app Navigation to automatically update driver locations, and find the closest ones to a pickup location with a single API call. With live traffic and custom ranking functions, Nearby Drivers can help optimize marketplace performance based on the unique needs of your fleet and service area.

Improve driver navigation and experience 

In-app Navigation, now available through the On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution, improves the driver experience by reducing inefficiencies and distractions caused by switching from the driver app to a navigation app. You can deliver a seamless in-app driver navigation experience and customize the look and feel including headers, footers, buttons, and markers. Drivers efficiently control their navigation, critical ride tasks, and receive alerts all within your app, making it easier to do their job. Plus, they can rely on the Google Maps experience they’re already familiar with, including intuitive turn-by-turn navigation, route overviews, lane-level guidance, speed limits, road incidents information, and voice support. With insights like route deviation and route remaining you can optimize routes and improve pickups and drop-offs. This can translate to more rides and happier customers.

Visualize real-time status of driver routes and delivery progress 

In the on-demand world it’s important to understand where drivers are in real-time. With Trip & Order Progress, you can keep customers informed from pickup to drop-off or delivery, with a real-time view of a driver’s current position, route, and ETA. They can even see traffic conditions to help contextualize changing ETAs. This means your customers don’t have to worry about where their driver is or wonder if they’ll be home when their package is delivered. Giving your customers access to the real-time info they need can translate to fewer support requests, more satisfied customers, and fewer cancellations. 

  • Gojek
    “Gojek decided to partner with Google Maps Platform to bring their world class mapping experience to our customers and drivers. Since we’ve started using the On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution, our drivers reach their pick-up points up to 20% more quickly and customers orders are completed 3% more often.” – Andrew Brinson,  Senior Vice President, Marketplace, Gojek
  • Dunzo

    “After implementing Trip & Order Progress through Google Maps Platform, our support tickets related to being able to track the delivery after placing the order dropped by a massive 90%!” – Brijesh Bharadwaj, Director of Product, Dunzo

  • DiDi
    “Google Maps Platform was seamlessly integrated into our ride-hailing services, helping us deliver great driver and user experiences around the globe with accurate, real-time location information and reliable navigation.” – Zheng Bu, CTO of International Business, Didi Chuxing

    “Thanks to a higher usage of navigation, more accurate positioning, and bearing provided from the Google Maps Platform On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution, our ETA accuracy increased an average of 23%—as high as 48% in some cities. We also saw our average ride duration drop by 4%. Having the shortest direct duration is much better for the passenger.” – James Brooke, Chief Product Officer, FREE NOW

Visualization of real-time driver location data and insights are critical for on-demand rides and deliveries businesses. We’re committed to the low latency, high reliability, and integration flexibility needed to support the real-time operations of the worlds’ largest fleets. Our services are built on an extensive global addresses database and road network with real-time traffic. We will continue to expand and improve our solution so that you can focus on growing your business and helping your customers get things done in the world.  

For more information on our solution, visit our website.

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