9 data management sessions to check out at Next OnAir

At Google Cloud, we build databases that are simple to operate, secure, and designed to handle both what you’re running today and what you’re looking to build next. No matter where you are in your journey—whether you’re moving on-prem servers to the cloud, modernizing existing systems, or spinning up new workloads—this week at Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir is full of sessions, tips, and customer stories to help you meet your needs. Be sure to add these can’t-miss sessions to your playlists, and take a look at the full schedule. All sessions are going live starting tomorrow, August 18, at 9am PT, and will be available on-demand after that.

  1. Keynote featuring Sharechat: What’s new with database management Join Director of Product Management Penny Avril for this keynote session featuring new releases, use cases, and a conversation with Sharechat’s VP of Engineering Venkatesh Ramaswamy to learn how his team was able to lower operating costs by 30% while improving team efficiency by migrating to Google Cloud. 
  2. Data modernization: the McKesson story Global healthcare company McKesson will show you how they modernized their databases using Google Cloud services, including migrating from Oracle to Cloud SQL. Their director of data analytics and innovation will walk through how they brought together multiple siloed legacy tools and data into a successful modern cloud architecture. Learn how they broke down complex database architectures into roadmap items and navigated complex challenges along the way. 
  3. What’s new with Cloud SQL Cloud SQL makes it easy to run MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server in the cloud. Over the past year, we’ve added an impressive amount of enterprise capabilities to meet your needs for security, reliability, and financial governance. Learn more about new features and enhancements, including point-in-time recovery and cross-region replicas, and how you can get started with them.  
  4. Switching from DynamoDB to Cloud Bigtable and Spanner In this session, hear from ShareChat, one of the largest social media platforms in India, which migrated from AWS to Google Cloud. Learn how ShareChat replaced DynamoDB with Google’s Cloud Spanner database for better scale and improved efficiency. 
  5. NYT: Building a real-time collaborative editor with Firestore The New York Times has reporters and editors all over the world working to write and produce breaking news on tight deadlines. Using Firestore, the technology team at the Times built a collaborative rich-text editor that for the first time allowed editors to see each others’ edits as they happen. You’ll hear how Firestore empowered the team at the Times to quickly build a highly scalable, collaborative article-editor app.
  6. Future-proof your business for global scale and consistency with Cloud Spanner In this session, learn about how massively scalable database Spanner helps build apps that require strong consistency and high availability. You’ll also get a look at new and recently launched Spanner capabilities that offer even more enterprise benefits.
  7. Simplify complex application development using Cloud Firestore Get a look at how the Cloud Firestore database service makes it easy for developers to scale new and existing applications while adding real-time client data synchronization and offline mode capabilities. Learn about new Firestore capabilities and hear from Khan Academy how they responded to rapid growth in site usage during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  8. Modernizing HBase workloads with Cloud Bigtable See how you can move workloads running on open source database HBase to Bigtable, our fully managed, low-latency NoSQL database. Bigtable can ease operational burdens and allow developers to use the service for large analytical and operational workloads with global replication.
  9. Bare Metal Solution: Bring all your enterprise workloads to Google Cloud Most legacy apps weren’t designed to run in the cloud, but businesses running those apps need to adapt quickly to take advantage of modern technology. In this session, check out how Bare Metal Solution addresses the risk and challenge of migrating legacy workloads by providing all the necessary infrastructure to run Oracle databases and other specialized workloads close to Google Cloud—securely and cost-effectively.

Check out the full lineup of databases and data management sessions. Have a question or project you’re working on? Remember to schedule time with our database experts during the week. We’ll see you in the cloud!

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