6 spectacular serverless sessions at Next OnAir this week

You made it to the Week 7 of Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir! This week, our track is full of technical talks around containers, Anthos, serverless and app development.

As someone who is super passionate about the intersection of app development and Linux cloud-native technologies, there are enough talks to pin me to my couch for the entire week! It’s fantastic to watch these talks on-demand and in any order you wish.

First up, I’ll start off with a keynote from Pali Bhat, VP, Product & Design and Aparna Sinha, Director, Product Management about Accelerating App Development and Delivery. Then, I’ll continue with my top breakout talks watch-list:

  1. Cloud Run: What’s New?: Since its launch more than a year ago, we’ve added tons of new features to Cloud Run that improve the quality of life better for developers and operators. Join this talk by the Cloud Run product manager to learn more.

  2. Develop Scalable Apps with Cloud Run for Anthos: This talk will show how the Knative project helps Kubernetes users run their applications better, with case studies and examples from Google Cloud customers.

  3. Serverless Workflows in Google Cloud: Ever heard of “step functions”? This talk reveals a brand new API for putting together arbitrary workflows that you host on Cloud Functions or Cloud Run.

  4. Event-driven Microservices with Cloud Run: Are you ready for eventing support on Cloud Run? Get ready for a brand new experience that lets you receive events from your resources on Google as well as from third-party/external sources.

  5. Buildpacks on Google Cloud: Did you know that you can build docker images without writing Dockerfiles? Did you know you can build docker images from your Cloud Functions? This is the grand reveal of a new open source project we’ve been working on. Join to find out more.

  6. Develop for Cloud Run in the IDE with Cloud Code: This talk gives you a hands-on view of a new feature we’ve been working on: the ability to refactor and iterate on your applications locally without having to deploy them on Cloud Run or GKE.

Application Modernization week doesn’t end with these breakout talks. We’ve put together great demos for you. Make sure to check out this 4-minute demo of Cloud Run, and this 5-minute demo of inner loop iteration with Kubernetes using Cloud Code.

Finally, you can learn more about Google Cloud’s Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification during this week’s Cloud Study Jam workshops. Want to see how your cloud skills stack up against others and win prizes? Try out our Cloud Hero game to complete hands-on labs and see where you fall on the leaderboard. 

But most of all, I hope you have as much fun at this week’s Next OnAir as I will! You can register at g.co/cloudnext and make sure to check out the other breakout talks.

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